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I recently purchased a replacement Laptop Battery for SONY VGP-BPS8 from Unfortunately, it has fallen far short of my expectations. When I attempted to use it, it has discharged and then it was totally impossible to recharge it. I have been trying hard to make it work and several colleagues helped me but it is totally impossible to make the battery work.

Here are the problems with

- the battery they sent me doesn't work

- it is impossible to recharge the battery

- send you a software to force you to flash your bios to use the battery does not mention that you need to flash your bios to use the battery. The fact is that flashing your bios is really dangerous and it is totally forbidden by your SONY warranty.

I send several mails to ask for a refund because of these three problems: I get nothing.

I am appalled at the substandard quality of the product they sent me.

Moreover the in the address is deceptive:

- the "company" is located in China

- the person who answer to e-mails can hardly speak English :


Good day.

Sorry to make so much trouble.

Pls kindly download the software by the below link.Install the exe files first.

Put the item into your machine.Connect the adaptor and charge it for 12 hrs.It is ok.



The software mentioned above is a bios flashing software which will kill your computer...

In conclusion:

Do NEVER buy something at this company!!!

Jean-Marie from France

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Hi, I found this review very helpful because I was just about to buy a battery on this website. Thank you very much !


I bought a battery for myself on this website six months ago and I agree with you : the quality is very low and I had to flash my Bios to make the battery work... one advice : do NOT buy on this website !

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